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Apex Peakway

Apex Peakway

Hello everyone, Did you feel the earth move last Monday?  I wanted to take a minute to update the neighborhood on a big event that occurred on Monday.  After a year and a half of work with the Town of Apex Engineering Department, NC State University, NC Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Frank Brown and a host of others we have finally arrived at an acceptable design to manage the water run off from the new Apex Peakway road between Old Raleigh and Laura Duncan.  The goal along this rocky road (pun) was to make certain that the additional run off and the accompanying pollutants from the road did not negatively impact the area of Williams Creek that runs along our neighborhood.  As we all have observed, the flooding has increased over the past twenty years and had to be dealt with before the highway was built causing more problems.  Attached is the final preliminary design drawing.  Although it looks simple on paper, so many factors were involved from engineering to soil testing, to discussions with public works and the review of many different methods of water management.  Some of the ideas were pretty radical and others would not work because of water table height and yet others involved negotiations with property owners on both sides of the new Peakway.  At the last board meeting the board authorized signing the paperwork with a few changes.  On Monday the paperwork was signed allowing the Town additional easement rights at the head of the stream that are needed to build that section of the Peakway.  I know we will all enjoy using the new road once it is complete and soon open to N. Salem St.
You will notice several features on the attached plan.  The most important from a water management standpoint is the enlarged retention pond at Food Lion.  The design is capable of capturing the water generated by a 25 year storm.  In addition to the pond, there will be several bio-swales that will manage flow, filter the silt and remove pollutants as the runoff from the road comes into the head of Williams Creek.  There is a connecting concrete serpentine walkway leading from the road down the hill to a wooden bridge and then a blacktop connection to the top of our greenway path.  This will allow the people to go to the Food Lion area without having to climb the very steep bank up to the road.  This additional work is being paid for as part of the Town's road building activities and amounts to approximately $100,000.  Another grand thanks to all those mentioned before for their hard work and concessions from the Town that they were not required to do.  Seeing the new survey markers and based on my conversation with the Town Attorney they will likely get started in a few weeks with the project lasting through next spring.
On a separate note, I spoke with one of the people from the Town who was marking the damaged areas of some of our streets in the neighborhood.  He told me that the Town will have a company re-paving some of the streets.  I know that Chimney Hill and Apache have been marked.  I do not know about other streets.  This work will be done this year during the paving season – sometime before November.
The next board meetings will be posted on the neighborhood website.  Also, please remind your neighbors to sign up for our Yahoo Group as much neighborhood information is transmitted there such as lost dogs, updates from neighborhood watch and etc.
The board is also discussing paving and replacing the bridges on the greenway.  That will be our next MAJOR task.  One of the problems is budget.  The preliminary estimates for the needed work far exceed the amount that has been put into the "greenway reserve" account over the years.  This work must be done in phases with the bridges and drainage pipes first then re-paving but that might be a financial impossibility.

Agreement Shepherds Vineyard HOA TOA - EXHIBIT 1.pdf

-John Sperath         

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