Shepherds Vineyard, Apex, NC

About the Greenway

The Shepherds Vineyard Greenway is composed of two primary features, the path and the creek. 

The creek is a tributary of Wiliams Creek which feeds into Swift Creek and into the Neuse River.

SV HOA has obtained a permit from NCDWQ to repair the stream banks.

The greenway (path and creek) is in a flood zone.

Erosion along the greenway is being countered by repairing the stream, adding more trees, heavier grasses, and changing the path to an impervious walkway.  

Silt and mud are problems for the greenway.  On February 12, 2009, the HOA requested and confirmed that Gene Schultz (town counselor) would ask the builders of the Villages of Apex to repair the silt fence.  As of January 2010, the creek has large amounts of red clay.

April 20, 2009 Frank Brown with CFB Contracting gave a presentation of the stream beds and what needs to be done to correct the flood problems.

Shepherds Vineyard of Apex, NC
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