Shepherds Vineyard, Apex, NC

Architectural Appearance of the Neighborhood

April 20, 2009


Dear Shepherd’s Vineyard Homeowner:


Concerns regarding the architectural appearance of the neighborhood.  If you have ever served on an Architectural Review Committee or a neighborhood association Board you will fully understand the impetus of this message.


The Board and Architectural Committee take no pleasure in being the appearance police.  However, you elected us and one of our principal purposes is to keep the neighborhood looking good based on standards.  From a standpoint of the greenway and common areas your annual dues pay for the upkeep and improvements.  From an appearance standpoint with homes in the neighborhood it is our duty to make sure that homes are up to par so the real-estate values are maintained and that Shepherds Vineyard is a desirable place to live and buy a home.  Home purchasers have many options and we want to make sure that our neighborhood stands up to the competition.


If you receive a letter from PPM about an appearance characteristic of your home please don't be offended.  It simply means that a board member, committee member or neighbor has noticed something about your home that needs attention.  These items may be something that you didn't see or even knew was a problem i.e. roofing shingles missing, tilting chimneys, satellite dishes not screened and etc.  Please keep in mind the intent is not to be the police but to work for each and every member of our neighborhood for the good of the entire neighborhood and the Town of Apex.


Thank you


The Board, Architectural Review Committee and all of our neighbors


Shepherds Vineyard of Apex, NC
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