Shepherds Vineyard, Apex, NC

Exterior Paint Colors

April 20, 2009


Dear Shepherd’s Vineyard Homeowners:


The Architectural Review Committee has changed the manner in which exterior painting colors are selected and approved.  In the past a paint chip was mailed to PPM which was then cut into thirds and a small piece was sent to each committee member.  This method of selection has in the past led to some poor judgments in the selection.  Trying to visualize an entire home based on a 1"x2" chip is very difficult as you can imagine.

The new process uses the internet and the advancements in website structure and complexity.  We now would like homeowners who are getting their homes ready for exterior painting to select from one of the paint suppliers "visualizes".  This allows you to select for yourself the style of your home, then virtually paint the siding, trim, and shutters so you and we can make sure that the colors are right for your house as well as fitting into the scheme of the neighborhood.


We hope that this new move will allow a better process overall.  There are sites listed on the Architectural Change Request Form for three of the major brands available in our area that have visualizes available.


Thank you from the Architectural Review Committee

Shepherds Vineyard of Apex, NC
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