Shepherds Vineyard, Apex, NC

Friendly Reminders

Boat, Utility Trailers, and Campers
If you own a boat or any type of utility trailer, camper, etc., please be reminded that the covenants clearly state that they "cannot extend beyond the front face of the house" which means that they must be completely on the side or behind your house. Your cooperation is sincerely appreciated.
Curb Conscience
Please refrain from placing leaves and other loose yard waste in the curb. As of April 1, 2000, the Town of Apex will no longer pick up bagged clippings. Also, they will not pick up construction debris, mattresses and other large items without special arrangements. So, if it has been a couple of weeks and you have something that hasn't been picked up, please pull it back in from the curb and make alternative arrangements to dispose of it. This will go a long way to maintaining the nice appearance of Shepherd's Vineyard.
Greenway Neighbors
For those living along the greenway, please refrain from disposing of yard waste anywhere in the common area (areas owned by the HOA). This includes the wooded areas. The piles of refuse become visible in the winter months and are unattractive.
General Appearance
It is in the best interest of all Shepherd's Vineyard residents that the entire neighborhood be clean and have an appealing appearance. Please be courteous to you neighbors and maintain you property in a presentable manner. Do not leave "projects" unfinished. Do not park your car on the lawn. Do not leave large piles of toys sitting in your yard indefinitely. These are just a few items that can take away from the overall pleasant appearance of Shepherd's Vineyard.
Pet Owners
The Town of Apex has recently enacted a few new animal laws. The laws are as follows; 1) All animals are required to be under restraint (i.e. leash, invisible fence, etc.). 2) When an animal is off the owner’s property, it must be controlled by a leash not greater than 10 feet in length. 3) It is unlawful for any owner, possessor, or harborer of any animal to allow such animal, whether at large or under restraint, to deficate upon private property of another, public property, public park property, or public right-of-way. Violaters will be cited and are subject to $90 in court costs.
Cars Parked on the Street
We have received numerous complaints regarding cars parked on the street.  If you can park your car in your driveway or garage, we would appreciate it.  Since we do not have sidewalks, it creates hazard for children and adults walking and riding bikes.
Shepherds Vineyard of Apex, NC
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